Course 2–Science of Reading: The Learning Lab - Advanced Topics in the Science of Reading (Self-paced online course)

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 This course is the second of the Science of Reading: The Learning Lab three course series aimed at providing an in-depth examination of assessments, a deeper understanding of reading difficulties, and knowledge of pertinent legal frameworks for educators, all of which influence instructional decision making. In course two, you’ll dive into eight transformative modules, unlocking literacy insights and empowering you to take your Science of Reading journey to the next level.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand the purpose and when to administer screening, diagnostic, progress monitoring, and outcome assessments.
  • Utilize knowledge of assessment types to analyze profiles of struggling readers.
  • Distinguish characteristics of reading difficulties, including dyslexia, to identify instructional supports and accommodations.
  • Explain ethical principles and responsibilities of educators to act in the best interest of all students.

Enjoy flexibility to complete 20–25 hours of online, self-paced learning on an easy to navigate platform. This subscription includes an individual seat to the course where you’ll be able to access and revisit the course as needed for up to one year.

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